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The Little Dog

Maybe you’re the new kid on the block, the corner bakery shop, or everyone’s favorite Mom and Pop. From one little dog to another - we understand the needs and goals of a small business. This is why at Little Dog Web Design, we believe in more than just designing iconic logos and building beautiful websites. We believe in building great relationships by providing biscuit-worthy full-service support.

Does Your Website Pass the Sniff Test?

Having a website and having an effective website are two very different things, my friend.
Studies show that potential customers will give your website about 3 seconds before they decide if your website (and your business) stinks! If your website takes too long to load... those potential customers bounce. If it’s not clear what your business offers... they bounce. If your website is confusing and hard to use, you guessed it... they bounce. That's why having a professionally designed website is vital your business!

Every Little Dog Website Includes:

Full Service Support

We want to make sure that the websites we build and deliver stay updated, secure, and useful to our clients and their end-goals. For this reason, every website we build includes unlimited updates. Consider us Mankind’s best friend in the website world!

Full Service Design

Designing a website includes more than just a pretty face and a few slick features. (Although we can certainly help with that.) Your website should also be designed to be easy to use, functional, and effectively guide visitors through the pages of your website.

Monthly Pricing Plans

We know the pains of starting a small business on a small budget. That's why we offer a variety of payment options including monthly plans starting as low as $199 a month. Contact us for a custom quote.

Let's Make Your Mark!

Having a professionally designed logo is one of the most important investments you can make for your business.
The end result may look simple, but behind every great logo design concept is a ton of research, brainstorming, sketching and revisions to develop something so simple that it becomes iconic! We believe the secret to great logos is simplicity, memorability, and versatility!
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Come on... you know you wanna! We promise we won't bite!
The Little Dog Web Design mission is to design fresh, fun, fair and effective logos and websites for small businesses & independent contractors. We've made it super easy to request a no-obligations quote! Just fill out a quick 5 minute survey!
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